Training on Digitising Software

A UK centre of excellence for Wilcom training on digitising software, your people will get taught by embroidery professionals.e.

Wilcom Software Training

As professional embroiderers, we understand the process from end to end, which is why we are able to maximise the full potential of your software and skill set. From the digitisation of artwork through to the optimisation of the design for production, we guide you through every aspect of the process. EDS provide Wilcom software training for some of the UK’s most prestigious brands and micro embroidery businesses – one size doesn’t fit all. Which is why our training is tailored to your embroidery application, sector and equipment.

How to get the best from your Wilcom Embroidery Software

With open or dedicated courses, you can choose to have a dedicated training session or be part of a wider group of mixed companies operating in the same or similar sectors. The training facilities at EDS are above our production facilities where we produce low volume bespoke quilting and embroidery for British OEM’s, supporting their in-house embroidery departments with out-sourced production. This means we can bring in samples, production experts and answer any questions you may have. it means You have the peace of mind we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver the correct solution.

Wilcom’s productivity tools, tricks and short cuts

You can choose to attend a course at our Nottingham production facilities or have one of our accredited expert trainers visit your site and deliver Wilcom training at your location. Tailored to your embroidery equipment, optimised for production – you’ll learn how to get the best from your software in terms of quality and productivity.
We also offer bespoke training solutions for hardware, covering all aspects of the embroidery process from preparation of fabrics, correct framing and tensioning practices through to machinery training and maintenance.