Digitising Embroidery Designs

A little more time taken to digitise a logo or design can reduce hours of production time on an embroidery machine.

Digitising Services

Based in the UK, our team of experienced designers are passionate about embroidery.
Our digitisation services are tailored to your embroidery machinery, lead time, budget, optimised for production with an option for sample supply.
It is our aim to create visually stunning results, ensuring your machinery operates at optimum efficiency in production and backed up by an unrivalled customer service.

Digitising for the Embroidery Trade & OEM’s

EDS specialise in providing digitisation services to organisations of all sizes, from automotive manufacturing brands to workwear companies and promotional businesses through to boutique embroiderers. We will not compete with you in your market sector and any work is completed under a non-disclosure agreement.

Digitising & Benchmark Embroidery Sample Supply

If we profile a digitised logo or embroidery design to a specific machine and production time, we want to ensure that the result is achievable within what’s promised. The quality of the completed embroidery and the optimised process time are both evidenced. In providing you with a physical sample to accompany the digitised embroidery design, you have a benchmark to measure your quality against. This is backed up by training support should you feel you need to upskill your production team or certain individuals.